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About The Black Book

The Black Book has two main sections: the Black Book Directory and Black Book Library.

The Directory includes more than 2,700 listings of Indigenous organisations and individuals working across 95 professions in the arts, media and cultural industries. Each listing provides contact information as well as a history of individual professional experience and organisational profiles.

The Library is constantly evolving to include new artistic works by Indigenous people. It currently contains 2,000 works from the late 1890s until now. It is not comprehensive, but we are getting close! The works are divided into three sections - publications, music and screen productions - and then further divided into categories like documentaries, plays, features, albums etc. The listing for each work includes the artist, publisher, release date, distributor contacts and, for publications and screen productions, a synopsis.

The Black Book also offers additional pages which provide up to date information about events across the country, jobs and training opportunites, and profiles of leading Indigenous artists to give inspiration to our users.

The Black Book is inspired by The Brown Pages . We pay respect to our Maori colleagues for their continuing strength and leadership.

The Black Book was created by Rachel Perkins, and the website was designed, constructed and sponsored by Elephant Head Productions.

The site is hosted and maintained by Blackfella Films. Visit the contact page for more information.

Black Book

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