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Here we present some of our people who have been trailblazers in their lifetimes. This section contains images of deceased people; the use of these images has been approved by the artist's families and trustees.

1953 - 2005

Nation: Murramarang-Walbunga

Kevin Smith

Kevin was a performing artist for 30 years, becoming involved in theatre through a drama workshop with the National Aboriginal Theatre (NAB) in Redfern in 1974. The stage grabbed his interest and he remained on it for the rest of his life. At age 21, he was in the first NAB production of Here Comes the Nigger by Lester Bostock.

Kevin performed in the stage plays, Bullies House, Celluloid Heroes (Nimrod), Gunjies, Dead Heart, Hamlet, Tempest (Belvoir), Red Earth (Freewheels), Cloudstreet (STC) and the 1995 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (directed by Noel Tovey) for the Festival of the Dreaming. He toured these plays both nationally and internationally and travelled to Germany's Weimar Festival in the production of Mudrooroo’s The Aboriginal Protestors. Kevin’s last work for his beloved Company B at the Belvoir Theatre was with Wesley Enoch’s beautiful productions of The Dreamers and Conversations with the Dead.

His film and television work has spanned three decades from Babakiueria (1986), Blackout (1993), Breakers (1993), Heartland (1994), GP (1995), Naked: Fisherman’s Wake (1995), Wildside (1998), All Saints (2000), and the films Last Wave (1977), Deadly (1991), Two Hands (1998), Queen of Hearts (2003) and Jindabyne (2006). Kevin also had been a narrator and a storyteller for documentaries and animated stories and has also voiced numerous radio plays.
Everyone who met Kevin was struck by his deep spiritual connection to the land - you could feel the energy of spirit that rested in his body. It was part of his power as a performer and his formidable personal strength. The Walbunga call it "nuyrama" - the ability to understand culture, to read the land, and to connect with the Dreaming.

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