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Here we present some of our people who have been trailblazers in their lifetimes. This section contains images of deceased people; the use of these images has been approved by the artist's families and trustees.

1960 - 2003

Nation: Monaro-Ngarrindjeri-Yorta Yorta

Pauline McLeod

Pauline E. McLeod was born in Delegate, Southern NSW. She was a member of the Stolen Generation and removed from her natural family in 1962. In 1986 she returned home, she then became an author, storyteller, cultural educator, director and performer.

Pauline was a versatile, multi-talented artist, who was experienced in all facets of the media: TV, radio, theatre, film and writing anything, from plays to short stories. She studied at the Eora Centre for Performing Arts in Redfern, Sydney but was a natural storyteller. Popularly known as `Pauline from Playschool', she was one of the first Aboriginal performers to appear regularly on a nation-wide television show in Australia. Pauline, a delightful animated storyteller, appeared on Playschool and a number of other Australian television shows with ABCTV and SBSTV and was considered a master storyteller both nationally and internationally.

Pauline was a regular cultural educator/storyteller/ performer at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, as well as poet/storyteller at reconciliation forums throughout Sydney from 1996-2000. An experienced cultural educator, Pauline presented her cultural stories at schools throughout New South Wales, working with children and youth from preschool to high school grades. She was also a guest lecturer in Aboriginal studies at TAFE colleges and universities throughout New South Wales and a storyteller at the Opera House, Australian Museum and the National Gallery in Canberra.

In sharing and promoting her culture with people of all ages and through her generous spirit, Pauline led both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people along the journey of belonging, understanding, acceptance and healing.

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